About Us

Our core

Committed to, through our words and actions, honoring and serving…

  • Our families
  • One another
  • Our customers
  • The Oklahoma City community

Committed to winning by…

  • Striving for personal excellence
  • Achieving something larger than ourselves, thereby improving our personal state.
  • Committed to doing our respective jobs to the best of our ability so that our team thrives.
  • Providing a great experience for our customers

Who values one another by…

  • Caring for one another personally
  • Supporting one another 
  • Celebrating and praising one another
  • Giving critical feedback respectfully
  • Holding one another accountable

Of professionals who…

  • Perform their work with excellence, no matter the circumstances
  • Pay attention to the details
  • Embrace a “Constant Never Ending Improvement” mindset
  • Admits mistakes and takes action to learn from
  • Conducting self and business with utmost integrity

Why We Do This

Our overarching purpose in our work is to advance God’s kingdom by establishing an exceptional company. We view God as the owner of this business, and we honor him by building an exceptional business.

We aim to accomplish this in three ways:

  1. Providing superior value to our customers through exceptional customer service, communication, responsiveness, quality of work, and integrity.
  2. Creating great jobs for our team members, enabling them to provide for their families and contribute positively to their communities.
  3. Cultivating a strong culture of service to the customer, teamwork, and commitment to personal excellence.

An exceptional business must excel in all three of these elements, as they are interdependent and work to reinforce one another. Therefore, our mission is to honor God by excelling in these areas, resulting in an exceptional business.

OKC Fleet Service Repairs